Activate Your Chakras, Enhance Your Mind Power, Enjoy Better Health and Reduce Stress With Sound Therapy, The Secret To Long Term Health, Creativity, Vitality and Happiness Through The Energy Of Creation, Sound:
  • Brainwave Entrainment Technology – 12 + sessions of audio and video (6 hours +) inside the ever growing library of binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones helping you to achieve theta and delta states whenever you desire. These have been expertly crafted and engineered by leading health professionals and audio engineers.

  • Meditation Music – a growing library of meditation music, audio and video (7 Hours +) expertly crafted to be the soundtrack to achieving fully ascended states of awareness, produced by professional musicians and sound engineers from around the globe.

  • Kundalini Awakening Tribal Trance and Dance Music Videos and Audio – dancing and rhythm are integral to achieving full awakened states. This is a growing library of trance inducing tribal rhythms.

  • Shaktipat Chakra Tuning and Activation Chants – Powerful selection of chants and sounds to activate and awaken specific Chakra centers in both audio and video format

  • Qabalistic Chants – Various exercises using the Tree of Life which will enable you to synchronise to the blueprint of creation itself.

  • Longevity + Wellness Life Extension Pack - written by myself (current health and wellness advisor to a major supermarket chain) and other leading health professionals, covering weight loss, nutrition, healthy recipes, exercise and more..

  • Self Sufficiency Training - including how to set up your own internet business and enjoy the new age business model and lifestyle. (Financial stress is one of the leading causes of bad health and this could be the solution.)

  • Your Chance To Be A Part Of A Project To Create Sustainable Eco Communities Of Earthships and Enlightened Beings Living In Close Proximity With Fractalized Geometric Architecture...

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    Kundalini Awakening Music and Meditations

    The Kundalini Awakening Experience

    Music + Meditations Collection V1

    Kundalini is the potential form of prana or life force, lying dormant in our bodies. It is conceptualized as a coiled up serpent (literally, ‘kundalini’ in Sanskrit is ‘coiled up’) lying at the base of our spine, which can spring awake when activated by spiritual disciplines.  The Kundalini is curled up in the back part of the root chakra in three and a half turns.

    “Kundalini is the energy of the Divine as it is experienced in the individual. Kundalini binds us when we project its energy into the world and yet, kundalini liberates us when we return this energy to its divine origin.”

    Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation with the use of kundalini awakening music focuses on the raising of the kundalini from the chakra at the base of the spine to the chakra in the crown of the head awakening a powerful transformative energy.

    What You Will Get Inside This Special Collection:

    5 Kundalini Awakening Music Tracks by amAya

    (high quality 320 kbps mp3 format)

    1. Love Without Condition Kundalini Awakening

    2. Heart Chakra Kundalini Awakening

    3. Kundalini Chakra Cleansing

    4. Cosmic Krishna Kundalini Awakening

    5. Kundalini Activation Tribal Trance Mix


    5 Kundalini Awakening Meditations by ShaktipatSeer and amAya

    (high quality 320 kbps mp3 and mp4 audio and video format)

    1. Third Eye / Pineal Gland Kundalini Activation 9 minute Meditation Audio

    2. Third Eye  / Pineal Gland Kundalini Activation 20 minute Meditation Audio

    3. Kundalini Third Eye Meditation and SoundTrack 40 minute Audio

    4. Violet Flame Kundalini Activation Meditation 25 Minute Video

    5. Cosmic Kundalini Mind Expansion Meditation 10 Minute Video

    Kundalini Ascension Brainwave Entrainment 25 Mins Audio + Video

    1. Deep Delta Kundalini Ascension Brainwave Entrainment Audio

    2. Deep Delta Kundalini Ascension Brainwave Entrainment Video

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    Music by amAya and Benjamin Supper

    L Level
    O Of
    V Vibrational
    E Energy

    This is music designed to take you from levels of low energy (no love) of anger, hatred, apathy, fear, frustration to levels of high energy (love for all) acceptance, peace and joy
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    Concentration Music – Alpha Wave Music

    “Alpha To Omega” is a track that is from our album “Journey’s Into Alpha” which is a series of powerful meditation music tracks designed to take you into the alpha brainwave level. The album is produced at 60 BPM that corresponds to the same frequency of alpha brainwaves that are associated with enhanced concentration and focus.

    Produced by amAya

    Members can download the full album below. Non Members can get instant access for just $7.97 here


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    visit to download a free copy of my guide to unlocking the hidden secrets of your alpha mind and FREE 10 Minute alpha brainwave entrainment meditation music track

    “Lotus Love” is a track that is from our album “Journey’s Into Alpha” which is a series of powerful meditation music tracks designed to take you into the alpha brainwave level. The album is produced at 60 BPM that corresponds to the same frequency of alpha brainwaves that are associated with enhanced concentration and focus.

    Produced by amAya

    Members can download the full album below. Non Members can get instant access for just $7.97 here


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    This is a sample of the full 1 Hr deep meditative trypnaural brainwave entrainment session designed to give you the feeling of being nurtured within the inner womb — the most soothing, still and restful experience you will ever have.

    This unique track features the sound of a pregnant mother’s heartbeat at 50 -60BPM which is what you would hear as a baby in your mother’s womb and has been scientifically proven to create the perfect ambience for deep delta R.E.M sleep.

    You will need headphones to hear the heart beat and feel its resonance. For general entrainment to a deep delta level headphones are not required as the entrainment is engineered through a special technology known as Trypnaural

    Problems such as hypertension, chronic disease, weight gain and depression are linked to lack of sleep. So getting a good nights sleep is essential for your longterm health and well being.

    This perfect for curing insomnia, and also works very well for restless babies and children too.

    You can get access to the full track and over 15 hours worth of meditations, music and healing information and tools at my flagship site

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    visit to purchase the amazing set of DVD’s that show you how to do the special blend of yoga, pilates and dance that makes Garuda so great.
    James D’Silva is a much sought after yoga/pilates instructor to celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow Sting and Trudie Styler.

    “James is a Genius” Madonna

    A carefully crafted blend of yoga, pilates, and dance, Garuda matwork has been developed and perfected by James D’Silva over many years, during his own dedicated practice as well as his inspiring teaching of these disciplines to others.

    Members Can Download The Full 2 Hr Soundtrack To This DVD For Use In Their Own Yoga/Pilates Sessions Or Enjoyment
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    Chill Out Music

    Love Frequency By amAya

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    Belly Fat Cure

    In all my experience as a health and wellness consultant, the information I am going to share with you is the most important in preventing or even reversing serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

    Here are some testimonials from people who followed my Pure Balance Plan

    In this 1 Hr video you will find out exactly what type of fat is the most dangerous to your health, why you must avoid the foods and products mentioned if you want to enjoy optimum health, how to safely swap them for much healthier alternatives and some easy to follow daily habits that will give you a new sense of freedom and vitality.

    This video is quite long so it may take some time to load on some computers, if you want to just download it, you can below. I have also included the mp3 audio of the video, so that you can stick it on your ipod, or mp3 player, or even burn a cd and listen whilst in your car, or out and about.

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    Pure Balance Program

    Here is my special lifestyle program that I used to create amazing weight loss stories of people who lost weight in the most safest and effective way.

    This is a completely holistic method for losing weight that allows you to safely detox your system, and super nourish your body with the most life restoring substances known to man!

    Your weight will drop off and you will feel a million dollars after you try the Pure Balance Program!

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    Get Fit At Home

    This is my special guide that shows you how you can get fit at home, without even needing the gym! This is perfect for those who don’t have time to go to the gym, or just find gym’s a bit intimidating.

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    Soothing Music For Relaxation

    This video features soothing music for relaxation. It is perfect for relaxing too, or using in a therapeutic setting such as yoga, reiki, massage, spa, sound therapy and other similar therapies.

    Members can download the full track.

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